ghost in the pipes

With so much of his time as a singer-songwriter spent playing solo, Jeff’s first full-length album was a conscious effort to expand the sonic world of the songs, while also staying true to their organic, rootsy nature. Ghosts in the Pipes was recorded, mixed and mastered over the course of a summer at the House of Miracles, Cambridge, with engineer/producer Andy Magoffin (By Divine Right, Great Lake Swimmers, The Constantines), and featuring William Armstrong (James Hummel, The Lotus Theory) on drums, Brian MacMillan (solo artist, The Lowest of the Low) on bass, with additional contributions by Corrina Keeling (international touring artist), and Thomas Hammerton (in-demand session player and music educator).

"Ghosts in the Pipes" is a reference to all those past experiences that shape us into who we are: the memories, both painful and pleasant, that rattle around behind the drywall, in the sense of self we call home. Ghosts that bloom like summer after a springtime rain. Ghosts that wait until dark, then crawl up through the drain. 


    1. Hope I Remember
    2. I Know Better
    3. If You Don’t Believe
    4. Lonely
    5. Sarah’s Waking Up
    6. Black Butterflies
    7. Meanwhile, on Argyle St...
    8. Your Mother’s X
    9. Better Days
    10. I’ll Be Your Brakeman