Up The Avenue (2017)


In recent years, Jeff’s composing work has extended beyond his own songs to include collaborations with members of Canada’s film and theatre industry. Selected composing credits include:

  • “I’ve Got Your Nose”
    • short play by Natalie Frija, world premier for Toronto’s InspiraTO Festival
  • “Everybody Dies in December”
    • solo drama by Nancy Kenny, winner of Atlantic Fringe award for Best Drama
  • “Three Loonie Opera”
    • a devised piece by Mixed Company Theatre’s Cobblestone Project. 


Whether in a multi-instrumental setup, or with nothing but an acoustic guitar, Jeff is also interested in the immediacy and ephemeral nature of spontaneous musical improvisation, especially when in the context of an interdisciplinary installation or performance. Selected improvised collaborations include:

  • “On and On and On"; 
    • Facilitated by Andrew Gaboury, part of Urbanspace’s “The Shape and Form of the Future” installation at 401 Richmond for Toronto’s Nuit Blanche festival.
  • Work with Truly Connecting Playback Theatre for Toronto’s Journal’s Open Festival
  • Contact Jam, hosted at Toronto’s Dovercourt House